AmiBroker 6.40.7 Crack + Keygen Full .EXE (2024)

AmiBroker 2024 Crack + Serial Key Full Download

Amibroker Crack is a comprehensive charting and technical analysis platform designed specifically for traders. It includes hundreds of built-in indicators and drawing tools to analyze financial data. Traders can also create custom formulas and indicators using the AFL programming language. One of Amibroker’s popular features is backtesting trading systems on historical data to gauge performance.

Amibroker Crack

The full licensed version of Amibroker unlocks advanced functionality but can be prohibitively expensive for many traders. This has led to a demand for cracked versions that provide the complete toolset for free. Here we will explore what an Amibroker crack offers, how to install it, and the pros and cons of using cracked software.

Amibroker 64-Bit Full Crack

The cracked Amibroker software allows running the program on 64-bit Windows operating systems. Modern versions of Windows are 64-bit, which allows utilizing more RAM and processing power. The 64-bit cracked Amibroker bypass license restrictions and unlocks features like backtesting, explorations, custom formulas, and more. Everything functions smoothly without nag screens or disabled options.

Amibroker Crack

Amibroker Cracked Version Benefits

The main benefit of a cracked Amibroker version is getting full access to premium features without paying expensive license fees. Key features unlocked include:

  • Backtesting trading systems on historical data – This tests the profitability of trading rules and strategies. Crucial for developing effective systems.
  • Optimization and curve-fitting – Fine tunes trading systems by optimizing parameters. Finds optimal settings that maximize profitability.
  • Custom indicators and formulas – Create unique indicators and trading signals using the AFL programming language. Extends Amibroker’s analysis capabilities.
  • Exploration analysis – Applies indicators to data to find trading patterns and relationships between financial variables. A key tool for discovering alpha signals.
  • Trading system automation – Systems can be automated for mechanical trading by converting to standalone EXE files. Useful for automation.

In addition to unrestricted features, cracked versions typically allow free updates to the latest Amibroker version so you get new features without paying.

Amibroker Crack


Amibroker is frequently updated with new features for analysts and traders. The latest version at the time of writing is Amibroker 6.30. Here are some of the new enhancements in this version:

  • Improved detachable workspace – The charting workspace can now be undocked into a separate window for a customizable workspace.
  • New chart color schemes – Additional predefined color schemes make it easier to customize chart appearance.
  • Faster backtesting – Multi-core CPU support leverages multiple cores for faster backtesting of system performance.
  • Visual backtest analysis – New optimization results dashboard visually summarizes the results of a backtest for easier analysis.
  • Enhanced AFL editor – The formula editor now includes keyword highlighting and formatting to ease writing AFL code.

Minimum System Requirements

Since Amibroker requires analyzing substantial amounts of financial data, a reasonably robust system is recommended for smooth operation:

  • Windows 7, 8 or 10 (64 bit)
  • 2GB RAM minimum; 4GB or higher recommended
  • 1GB free disk space for installation
  • Graphics card supporting OpenGL for 3D visualizations

Low RAM usage and disk space requirements allow installing Amibroker even on older systems, but a fast processor is suggested for responsive analysis, especially when backtesting.

How to Install and Activate Cracked Amibroker

  1. Download the Amibroker trial installer from the official website. This will ensure you get the latest version.
  2. Install Amibroker on your system but don’t open it after the installation completes.
  3. Obtain the cracked dll file from torrents or cracking forums. This usually has a name like afl120.dll.
  4. Browse to the Amibroker install directory, typically C:\Program Files\AmiBroker. Backup and replace the original afl120.dll file with the cracked dll.
  5. Add exceptions for Amibroker in any antivirus and firewall programs to prevent them from blocking altered components.
  6. Launch the Amibroker program. When prompted for registration, enter any fictional name and serial number. The cracked dll will activate the program.

The procedure allows running Amibroker in fully unlocked mode indefinitely without paying license fees. You can verify all restricted features are enabled by exploring the various menus and testing tools like backtesting after cracking.


  • Free access to expensive commercial software
  • Trying before buying to evaluate usefulness
  • Learning to use and experiment with powerful programs
  • Unrestricted access to premium features
  • Financial savings for cash-strapped users
  • Ability to run on multiple computers without per-seat licensing

Specifically for Amibroker, major advantages are unlocking backtesting capability to develop trading systems, using custom formulas for unique indicators, and automating strategies. The flexibility can be valuable for traders seeking an edge in the markets.


  • Unethical since cracking circumvents paying developers for their work
  • Prevent automatic updates so may lack latest features and security patches
  • No technical support for cracked copies
  • Cracks can cease working when software updates or alters activation
  • Higher risk of viruses, malware, and spyware from dubious sources
  • Stability issues and crashing since not optimized like official builds
  • Legal liability for pirating and intellectual property theft
  • Reduced performance compared to paid optimized versions
  • Encourages and funds illegal cracking groups

There are genuine risks to assessing the utility of trading software like Amibroker through piracy. Ethical issues should also be weighed when opting for access to paid software through cracking rather than payment.


In summary, cracked copies of Amibroker unlock the full functionality to traders for free. This allows exploring advanced paid features to assess its utility. However, using pirated software has ethical implications, risks reduced reliability and security, and deprives developers of compensation for their work.

The ideal approach is to properly try out Amibroker’s capabilities using the free trial or demo versions available on the developer website. If the program proves useful after thorough testing, traders should consider purchasing a license to support continued innovation while getting reliable access to the latest updates and features.

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